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World Memon Organization 4 Day Annual General Meeting 2018 starts in a local 5star hotel with 400 plus foreign dignitaries.

World Memon Organization organizes a four day business conference 2018 here in Karachi with the theme “Changing global economy, the Pakistan opportunity”. More than 400 people from different countries are participating in the event. This event is being organized by World Memon Organization Pakistan Chapter. This will last till 4th November 2018. On the first day of conference topics such as business environment, current affairs, new ideas and information technology were discussed and prominent personalities from different walks of life talked on the relevant topics.

Asad Umar, Minister of Finance, commerce and Revenue. Recalling his early childhood he said that he his interaction with Memons is from his childhood when he played his initial matches with the teams of Dhoraji community. He said that our economy module should be moved from consumer based economy to manufacturing based economy. He informed the audience about the government focus on local exports, clarity in policies and ease of business.

He said the government is working on long term growth through export based economy. He also stressed on the need of scale of companies in Pakistan. Because without scaling up the business our job requirements are not going to meet. He said that CPEC will be used to fast track agricultural growth and Pakistan will use china model for its own benefit. He said that agricultural research will be focused and train and road networks will be improved.

Mr. Abdul Razzak Dawood, Advisor to Prime Minister Imran Khan for Textile, Industry, Production and Investment of Pakistan. Talking on the occasion he said that he is trying to bring it into the knowledge of the cabinet about the need of business community. He said that more than 100 agencies are their. He said that we have to move towards the culture of Make in Pakistan. And that many manufacturing capacities are underutilized and lack of market access of our products. He said the he is going to different countries to ask them for the same duty regimes those countries have awarded to ASIAN countries, Bangladesh and India. Regarding on a comment on CPEC he said that he is in talks with Chinese ambassador on larger share of profit for Pakistan. He said that before going to Beijing he is Prime Minister of Pakistan and his team has fully done detailed work.

Major General Muhammad Saeed , DG Rangers Sindh. Praising the Memon community he said if he had to pick a community from all over Pakistan he would choose memons. Talking to the audience he said Karachi is more of a country than a city with population of over more than 118 countries. He said the diversity of the country on so many levels including religion, socio economic situation and ethnicities is commendable. He said Karachi was in the grip of terrorism, extortions, kidnapping and target killing till 2013 till the operation was started in Karachi and now thanks to business community and people of Karachi that Karachi is thriving now again. He said that we need to rehabilitate those held in petty crimes other than to send them to jails. He asked for the help memon community to invest in this field of philanthropy.

Mr Salman Iqbal, President and CEO of ARY Group, Talking on the occasion said that media was the only venue where memon was missing and now Alhamdulillah memon are not only part of it but also leading it. He said that Memons should invest in media, sports franchises and media productions as it is going to be the next big thing in Pakistan.


Arsalan Hashmani, Vice Chairman Global Youth Wing – Pakistan Chapter and CEO Hashmani Group of Hospitals and businesses, talking on the occasion Arsalan Hashmani said that WMO B2B conference hosts some of the best and successful businessmen, entrepreneurs and professionals. That more than 400 people from around the globe are participating in this event in Karachi. He also stressed on the need that Pakistani institutions should utilize this community to attract foreign investment to bring in Pakistan. And that memon community wants to see Pakistan as a developed county. And that business is the key to that path. Arsalan Hashmani highlighted the importance of IT sector and stressed that Memons and Pakistani alike should utilize IT sector to promote businesses.


Bashir Sattar, Trustee B2B and Global Youth Wing, he thanked his team and attendees for joining the conference. He informed about the “memon connect” which is the landmark of the of the global youth wing program. He informed about the first mobile app “memon connect” created by memon, for memon. He highlighted the benefits, use and outcome of the memon connect.

A panel discussion was held moderated by Farrukh Sabzwri, MD BMA Capital, Panelists include Mr. Ahmed Chinoy, Mr. Shahid Ali Habib CEO of Arif Habib Limited, Muhammad Farid Alam CEO of AKD Securities, Mr. Richard Morin Chief Executive Officer Pakistan Stock Exchange. Topic Was Investment opportunities in Pakistan through capital markets. Pakistan Stock Exchange and brief on ‘Investment opportunities in the capital market’. How to invest in Pakistan Capital Market, Investor Protection Measures by Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited.

Mr. Mudassir Sheikha, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Careem. In his speech said that unfortunately we have failed the large corporate institutions. And Idea behind careem they had the idea to build a lasting organization putting betterment of the people at the front of its philosophy. He said if Careem were an employer than he had been the largest employer in Saudi Arabia, Morocco and one of the largest employer in Pakistan and other fourteen other UAE countries. He said Careem is providing one million job in Pakistan. And that in a country like Pakistan where there is no solid road infrastructure and public transport how people are going to meet their transport needs? he answered saying that ride hailing apps can solve the problem.


Dr. Sharif Hashmani, Chairman and MD – Hashmani’s Group of Hospitals.  Talking to the occasion on his topic “Overview of healthcare industry in Pakistan”. He informed that there are two types of public health sector in Pakistan one is Government run hospitals and private run hospitals. He said further private sectors hospitals are divided in two groups. One is NGO based and other is private based. He said that due to high rampant corruption in government hospitals people go to private hospitals and it has its own limitations in terms of shortage of beds. He also pointed out the fact that population is growing at a higher rate than the spending on health sectors. He also said that most hospitals are on proprietorship basis than corporation based. He stressed on the need of purpose built hospitals with professional management at the helm of management.

Mr. Ghulam Abdoola, Executive Chairman – GH Group Botswana, Said that Pakistan still long way to go. Talking about investment in Pakistan he pointed out issues such as political instability, good fiscal policies, independent jurisdiction from government, reasonable tax rate, workforce and independent foreign exchange. He said those who are traditionalist are static. They had changed and for the last four years worldwide people had chosen their leader for change.  He said that Africa is the most resourced continent and yet more overlooked. He stressed our business community should look at Africa to invest in. And memon should look globally not locally for investments.

Deputy President Mr. Nowshad A Ghani,

In his closing remarks Mr. Nowshad praised the planning, execution and final outcome of the event. Terming it one of the finest events and invited  Bashir Sattar, Haroon , Khurram Kalia, Reida Shekhani, Arsalan Tabani, Arsalan Hashmani, Faizan Wahid, Murtaxa Jangda, Mustafa Dewan, Noman Ahmedani, Sumayya Mithani and Yaqoob sultan , Shoaib Mangroria, Altaf Jhangra along with all the other office bearers of all WMO chapters and Volunteers on stage and thanked them all.

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